My Non-Translation Hobby Photo Contest

Dear fellows!

We have some great news for you!

We are pleased to announce a contest to find a colleague with the most interesting hobby not related to translation and interpretation. This contest will be held as a part of II Belarusian Translation Forum that will take place in Minsk on September 29, 2018. Moreover, anyone is free to participate (even if you are not going to register for our event).

The idea was suggested by our colleague Tatsiana Ihnatsyeva after the Translators Meetup  on 19.05.2018.

Elena Loyko and Nadia Karabanovich are responsible for the contest.

Find out more about the terms and prizes below.

Attention — Contest!

My Non-Translation Hobby

Some people are fond of knitting, some like clay modelling, yet others adore aircraft scale modelling just to have some fun and combat stress.

Contest Format

Photo Contest !

Terms and recommendations (here they are again; but hopefully no requirements):

  • a contestant can submit only one photo;
  • your photo should correspond to the theme of the contest;
  • your photo should not be connected to your work (i.e., as a translator or interpreter). It can illustrate your leisure time activities, those that you may keep to yourself. Perhaps, it’s rock-climbing…

…or artistic forging;

– add a short description to your photo (up to 50 words). You may tell us how long you have been into your hobby and why you have chosen it. Possibly, it was a curious situation… or a force-major;

– your photos can be and must be distinctive and arouse interest.

A photo may attract viewers’ attention by an exceptional artistic solution (composition, light, colour, or object arrangement or your location on it) and uniqueness.


Three top prizes:

I prize: Editor and Author’s Guide, Arkadiy Milchin, Lyudmila Cheltsova, 2017 plus a cup carrying a II Belarus Translation Forum

emblem and a book in Belarusian (Lewis Carroll Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There)

II prize: Maxim Ilyakhov, Lyudmila Sarycheva Write, Cut. How to Create A Powerful Text, 2017 plus a cup carrying a II Belarus Translation Forum  emblem and a book in Belarusian (Sławomir Koper Powerful Women of the Second  the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth (Wpływowe kobiety Drugiej Rzeczypospolitej)or Nora Gomringer Nach(t)forschungen)

III prize: a cup carrying a II Belarus Translation Forum  emblem and a book in Belarusian (Franz Hohler Stone Flood (Die Steinflut) or Michael Köhlmeier The Girl with the Foxglove (Das Mädchen mit dem Fingerhut))

If you win but do not live in Minsk we will contact you and send your prize by post. If a winner is not from Belarus we can offer a novel by a Belarusian writer Algerd Bakharevich in Russian called White fly, Men Killer instead of a book in Belarusian.


Please send your photos with a short description to by 31.08.2018 and add “Contest” in the subject line.

The voting for the best photo will be open from 1 September till 27 September.

How will the winner be selected?

A winner will be evaluated by the number of users who like his or her photo (by the number of votes).

We are convinced that all of you, dear colleagues, have an interesting hobby. So please share it with our translation community! Good luck! We are waiting for your photos till 31 August. And don’t forget to tell your colleagues about the contest and II Belarusian Translation Forum  J

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