Yuri Burdenkov



A booth duo. 100% team play/0% ballast—reality or fantasy?

My presentation at 2nd Belarusian Translators' Forum is entitled A booth duo. 100% team play/0% ballast—reality or fantasy? This kind of ‘topic choice’ might come weird to those familiar with my first talk on May 19, 2018. ???? Nonetheless, I am [once again] revisiting the ‘pair skating’—only this time I will focus on interaction, or more specifically, mutual assistance of the sim/int team in the booth, comparing ‘what we [mostly] observe’ vs ‘the way it should be’ and also briefly touching the points left unvoiced from the previous time.

Speaker's brief
MSLU '06, FIC, simultaneous (conference) interpreter BE EN & RU EN. Workload breakdown: simultaneous interpreting/chuchotage, 85% [~12 years of experience; total working time ~3,800 hours, mainly over the past 7 years], consecutive interpretation, 5%; translation, 10% (largely for his ‘own’ simultaneous ‘gigs’). Major clients: UNFPA, FAO, Microsoft, EU/EC-funded projects, OIE, World Bank/International Finance Corporation, BAYER, Takeda, SIEMENS.