Yuliya Tsimashenka

Юлия Тимошенко


Association of translators and interpreters in Belarus: a viable idea or a midsummer night's dream?

As of today, there is no active association of translators and interpreters in Belarus. Translation and interpretation-related events in Minsk that were held in 2017-2018 have shown that the Belarusian industry is interested in opening and developing places and events to share its experience and skills. The time is ripe for the open discussion on creation of such an association in Belarus along with the discussion on activities of foreign professional associations. The only way to unite our community and develop the all-state standards for translation and interpretation services is to base ourselves on the existing experience. Together with Alexander Markevitch we will tell you about our vision of sucn an association in Belarus.

Speaker's brief
A freelance translator, very active and enthusiastic. Translation from German, English and Dutch into Russian, consecutive interpreting from German into Russian and vice versa. Her translation career started in 2009, works as an editor from 2013. Fields of expertise: medicine, pharma, beauty care products and tourism. Yuliya is a frequent visitor of international translation-related conferences. Translation certainly IS her true love 🙂