Yuliya Molotkova



How we created a Chinese translation reference book

During 2017-2018 I wrote a study guide on Theory and Practice of translation and interpretation in Chinese language for students of the Department of Philology, BSU with major in "Eastern philology". This study guide is an interdisciplinary book for translators and interpreters based on several subjects (technical and science translation, community and political interpretation, etc.) and functional styles (literary, informal, journalistic, official, etc.).

My presentation will show you the basic principles of writing a study guide and choosing educational samples. I will also talk on the complex of exercises that were developed to help students to learn the principles of translation and interpretation. I will be happy to hear opinions of my colleagues on "the ideal study guide", because I hope it won't be our last publication.

Speaker's brief
PhD in Pedagogy, Associate Professor of the Republican Confucius Institute of Sinology at Belarusian State University, Associate Professor of the Department of Chinese Philology at Belarusian State University. Graduated from the Department of Philology, BSU, succesfully passed one-year internship in Tianjin University of Foreign studies (Tianjin, China) and East China Normal University (Shanghai, China). Since 2007 Yuliya has helad classes on the Chinese language, Theory and practice of translation, Introduction to Special Philology and other classes at the Department of Philology, BSU. At the same time Yuliya translates and interprets from Chinese into Russian and vice versa. Every year Yuliya participates in workshops and vocational training courses in different universities of China.