Ilya Mishchenko



Building Associations in the Translation Industry: International and Russian Experience

The last couple of years have seen a surge of interest within the translation community towards forming associations and other collaboration initiatives. The old formats, be that national (e.g. Translators Union of Russia) or international (International Federation of Translators, FIT), are being complemented by spontaneous industry groups (e.g. freelancers, LSPs, and universities at St Petersburg and Ekaterinburg Translation Clubs, LSPs at Moscow Translation Club). It is also worth noting the phenomenon of volunteer working groups in Russia that have recently produced The Language Professional’s Code of Ethics, recommendations for interpreters, as well as the “Translation and Localisation Specialist” professional standard. In my presentation I will provide an insight into possible association formats in Russia and abroad and their goals. I will also talk about the efficiency of informal translation communities and their role in shaping our industry.

Speaker's brief
lya Mishchenko holds the position of Managing Director at Literra Translation Company (St Petersburg, Russia), and is also involved with several public initiatives, serving as Chairman of St Petersburg branch of the Translators Union of Russia (UTR), sits on UTR Board, and is Co-Chairman of FIT ISO Standing Committee. Ilya is also co-organiser of St Petersburg Translation Club, member of the Association of Translation Teachers, one of the authors of the “Principles for Translation and Transliteration of St Petersburg Toponyms into English”. Spheres of interest: Simplified Technical English, standardisation in translation and localisation, translation of toponyms.