Andrey Yasharov



Effective Diversification and Addition of New Specializations

More than one generation of professional translators is concerned with an issue of personal performance, improving standards of living and convenience when doing their favorite work. What is required for the best personal and professional growth and at the same time for ensuring the personal financial well-being? It's all about the right approaches to doing specialized translations, making use of effective tools, measures and scenarios to achieve clearly defined goals. The presentation will look into methods of diversifying work, ways of obtaining additional specializations, and also how to maintain a balance between the resources we spend and the benefit, both moral and financial that we receive.

Speaker's brief
Andrey Yasharov is a medical translator working in English to Russian/Ukrainian language combination since 2004.
He graduated from the biological faculty and acquired a specialty of a biologist. At the same time, he did a 2-year course of translation studies at the faculty of optional and additional professions and obtained a diploma of a translator.
During his career, he had to change specializations more than once. He tried his hand in the medical, metallurgical, mining, education-related, economic, pharmaceutical, chemical translations. He worked both as an in-house translator and a freelance one, both as an interpreter and a translator. Finally, he decided on medical translation as a freelance entrepreneur.
He is interested in ways of increasing labor productivity, means of automation for translators, ways of a healthy lifestyle for translators.