Alena Talapila



Financial Planning for Freelancers

I will show you several accounting methods that will help you to ease the situation of unstable income. I will speak on how not to be afraid of counting your money, creating the effective budget and changing it freely according to one's needs, and, what's most important, how to increase the difference between income and expenses. This can be done without eary maths and you can still enjoy your life in full.

Speaker's brief
Alena has worked as an interpreter since 2007 (IP since 2013). Translates from German and English into Belarusian. For the last 10 years she has helped to the range of community projects to ease their financial management. During this time Alena also bravely conducts experiments on different methods of expenses optimization and income increase. Her finances are on the leash and she wants to share her knowledge with her colleagues.