Adelaide Kuznetsova



Work in staff and self-employment for translators/interpreters. Personal experience

The presentation dwells on the issues of staff specialist's (state institution) and "freemason's" jobs, without contradicting them. It also highlights the similarities and describes the challenges in their everyday work. Besides, the authors of the presentation share their experiences in combating the stereotypes, and point at the minuses and pluses of their working conditions.

The presentation will be of interest for both beginners and skilled translators. Everyone may add their own examples and ideas.

Speaker's brief
Started working as interpreter and translator during university studies, when she managed to sneak into the backstage during the performance of Spanish musicians and stay with them until the end of the tour.

Working as a translator and interpreter, Adelaide was involved in various projects: Barcelona Olympics concert tour in 1992, presentation of Belarus for an exhibition in Latin America, localization of numerous websites and services, translation and adding subtitles for interviews with the Belarusian football club "Krumkachy", and even interpretation during hunting.

Freelancer, individual translator/interpreter since 2010.

Participant of several conferences in Russia and Ukraine.

Since recently, Adelaide has been an owner of a bicycle cafe.