Translators Meetup May 19, 2018

Translators Meetup #tib_forum2018 was held May 19, 2018 in ‘210 metrov’ event space in Minsk and gathered 125 colleagues from 13 locations of Belarus.

Advanced International Translations ( became the major sponsor of the event. AIT gifted an annual subscription to AceProof – translation quality assurance tool – to all visitors of the meetup, AnyCount Advanced – software for word and character counting – to all the presenters, and Translation Office 3000 Starter – translation management system for freelance translators – to all the volunteers.

Opening speech:

Photo gallery:

Daria Vashkevich (‘Neil Gaiman’s ‘Coraline’: a British Girl Who Learned to Speak Belarusian in One Month’) shared her experience of translating “Coraline” by Neil Gaiman to Belarusian language, searching of a publishing house, negotiating with a literary agent to gain the rights to the Belarusian version of the book, and the language challenges she faced during translation.

Yury Polyakov (‘Inside the Translation Agency’) explained the specifics of cooperation of a translation agency and freelance translators, translator’s qualification criteria, quality assurance, process and project approach to the translation tasks, as well as called for raising rates by the translators and interpreters.

Olga Golubko (‘Why we should (not) be afraid of machine translation’) reflected on the influence of the artificial intellect on the translation industry, a notion of quality translation from the standpoint of a translator and a client, and presented some tips on practical demonstration to a client of a value of a translation performed by a human in the age of the flourishing machine translation.

Vitali Stanisheuski (‘Translating into Belarusian directly’) observed the most frequent challenges which the translators face while translating texts to Belarusian language. Also, he shared some links to useful information.

Alieksei Seniukevich (‘Medical Linguistics: The General and the Particular’) exposed the notion of medical linguistics, described translator’s activities in this field, outlined types of linguistic mediation and types of texts which medical and pharmaceutical translators deal with, as well as discovered an option of remote interpreting in this field.

Yuri Burdenkov (‘Simultaneous ‘One-Man Show’: Legends and Myths. Forever Alone?’) gave an eloquent final speech based on his extensive personal experience. He presented a critical assessment of a simultaneous “one-man” interpreting, provided case examples to demonstrate how to overcome translation challenges and improve one self’s interpreting skills.

This event was supported by our volunteers: Olga Budaj, Volha Loika, Alena Loika, Nadia Karabanovich, Sergey Driamov, Adelaide Kuznetsova, Olga Shkrabo, Evgenia Mamyko.

All videos from the Translators Meetup 19/05/2017 will be gradually released at our YouTube channel Please subscribe, comment and repost in the social media under hashtag #tib_forum2018. Links to the meetup presentations can also be found in the ‘Translators & Interpreters of Belarus’ Facebook group, as well as in the description to Youtube videos.