Translators Meetup January 13, 2018

This meetup continued a series of meetups of the language and translation specialists of Belarus. It was held in Imaguru Business/Start-up Club and gathered 110 visitors. Later, after the event appraisal forms were filed in, many of the attendees mentioned amicable and warm atmosphere of the event, discreet questions and frank comments. This event happened spontaneously, we managed to organize it during a single month. Below you will find 5 presentations and links to the relevant videos.

Photo gallery:

Opening speech:

Katsiaryna Sokolovskaya ‘Work-life balance for a freelance translator’

Tatsiana Ihnatsyeva ‘Freelance Translator in Belarus’

Natali Shchurovskaja ‘The Little Lecture of HYGGE, or Enjoy translating/interpreting from the Nordic Languages!’

Natalia Osipova ‘Interpreting in South America. A foreigner’s experience in Paraguay’

Anastassia Pankova ‘Being Japanese translator/interpreter is difficult, but possible’